Live Adventure & Escape Games offer unique team-building exercises.


They encourage problem solving, cooperation, creative thinking, patience, attention to detail and flexibility; and honestly, they're just fun!

Office?  Sports team?  Corporate event?  Holiday party?  


We can currently accommodate up to 16 people per hour.


Art Heist
40 minutes  ::  2 to 6 Players

Jail Break
40 minutes  ::  2 to 4 Players

40 minutes ::  2 to 6 Players


Available Discounts

13-16 Game Slots


17-21 Game Slots


22-26 Game Slots


27+ Game Slots


Rather than specifying a minimum number of players for team building discounts, we want to extend it to as many teams as possible. As such, please note that these discounts are structured by number of game slots played, rather than total number of participants.

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