Welcome to The Hunt!

Watch the intro video below to get started. The Hunt will begin this Friday at 5PM!

Game information

  • Players may choose to team up or play individually.

  • Tags will have Qr codes on them. Open the camera on your phone, and put the code in its view to get your next riddle.

  • Each level requires a passcode. You will receive the passcode on the page of the previous level. We use passcodes to insure no one can skip levels if they stumble upon one of our tags.

  • If desired, You may receive one clue per level for levels 1-5. Once you reach levels 6&7, You’re on your own!

  • To receive a clue, stop by Tactics anytime we’re open.

  • The tags are located outdoors, on or very close to the site.

  • This is a community game! We encourage you to enlist the knowledge of ‘locals’ and businesses if you need some additional insight.

  • Remember there are others playing the game. Be courteous, and please don’t tamper with the tags.

  • The Hunt will commence on October 12th and end on October 28th.


1st Place: $200

2nd Place: $100

All winners: 10% off

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I’m pretty certain I found the spot but there’s no tag. what gives?!

A: If you really really really feel like you’ve found the spot where a tag should be, and you don’t see one, give us a call at 315.274.9494. We will periodically check to see if the tags are intact.

Q: What if one of the riddles goes unsolved?

A: If a few days go by, and no one has advanced to the next level, we will release additional clues.

Q: How do the prizes work?

A: First and second prizes will be awarded to an individual or group as a whole. the 10% off prize will be awarded to any player who completes the game. discount valid through the end of 2018.